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We proudly serve Reno and Northern Nevada with quality fencing solutions and repairs.  We provide fencing in all styles include vinyl, wood, split rail, chain link, steel and ornamental.  We are are also a full service gate, deck and pergola builder.  We are one of the highest rated Reno Fence companies.  When you are searching ‘reno fencing near me’ we are the source to call.  Let us show you why.

"Privacy and security is high on any homeowners list of priorities and we strive to give you exactly that."

Our Promise

We install beautiful and durable fences that stay that way for years. We use the best quality materials to ensure your fence won't require repairs or replacement for years to come.

Reasonable Prices

We price our fences to be affordable, but done right with the highest quality materials. We provide free, no obligation quotes and explain our exact process so you know what is store for your fence.

We Believe In Quality Reno Fencing

we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

From the material choosing process to installation, everything is done with proper expertise. We make to do keep a proper communication between the fencing professional and the client. We help you choose the right kind of material for your fence that meets all your requirements. We ensure to build the most beautiful looking fences that increases your property value and give you the required security.

Our Northern Nevada Fencing Services

Reno Vinyl Fencing

Reno Vinyl Fence

We provide vinyl fencing services for commercial buildings and private residences.

No matter the type of commercial place it is, whether it’s a Hospital, School, Corporate office, industry, hotel, restaurant or Dumpster enclosure, we provide functional and beautiful fencing for all Commercial projects.

We also build and repair vinyl fencing at private residences and properties.

Reno Wood Fence

We install all types of fences for residential and commercial properties. Our wood fence specialities include:

No matter what your requirements are we make sure to fulfill them with our fence installation. We use the highest quality materials, but at an affordable price. We provide a full warranty with our installation ensuring your fence will last for years to come.

Reno Wood Fencing
wood fence reno
Reno Chain Link Fencing

Reno Chain Link Fence

We provide chain link fencing services for commercial buildings and private residences. 

No matter the type of commercial place it is, whether it’s a Hospital, School, Corporate office, industry, hotel, restaurant or Dumpster enclosure, we provide functional and beautiful fencing for all Commercial projects. 

Reno Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental iron fences can give a new dimensional to your property, whether it’s a residential property or commercial one. One of the main factors while installation of ornamental iron fence is the design and material quality to keep it durable for a long time. We provide the best quality material that does not rot for a long time. Our installations are done with efficiency and within schedule.

Ornamental Iron Fencing
Pergolas, Decks And Arbors

Reno Decks, Pergolas And Arbors

Whether you are landscaping your backyard or adding a new feature to it, Pergolas and Arbors can bring a new life to your garden and backyard. They can be used as a shade or beauty enhancement of your yard or as a sitting area for outside dining. Our professional experts have the experience, knowledge and skills to build the most creative and beautiful looking pergolas, Arbors and deck to transform your standard backyard to something magical.

What TO Expect

Here’s what to expect from Reno Fencing:

  • Prompt and free estimates
  • Quality materials
  • Expert workmanship
  • No up charges
  • On-time job completion
  • Thorough cleanup

Installation Process

  • Installation varies depending on the size of the job
  • Timing and schedule will be agreed upon up front
  • Utility lines will be defined before work begins
  • Permits will be acquired before job is started
  • Jobs started will be completed with no work stoppages due to other pending jobs

Our Latest Projects

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