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Reno Fence Pros can solve the are many reasons why you might need Reno NV vinyl fencing. The first is that you live in an area with large tracts of land and want to demarcate your property.  The second is that you are interested in increasing the value and curb appeal of your home through improvements.  And the third is that you want the lasting integrity of a vinyl fence compared to a wood fence or a better appeal than that from a chain link fence.

Whatever the reason that brought you here, we want you to know that we are interested in helping you. The best way to do this is to give you all the information you need to make the right decision.  Here are some vinyl fencing ideas to help build your next fence.

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Affordable Reno Vinyl Fencing Solutions

Because of our location in Reno, Nevada, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing for high-quality privacy security and decorative fences using vinyl. With our vinyl fences, you get to choose from a range of fence material options four with different levels of privacy and security as well as looks. These are:

  • Vinyl privacy fence
  • Vinyl privacy fence with lattice
  • Vinyl semi-privacy fence
  • Vinyl shadow box fence
  • Vinyl contemporary picket fence
  • Vinyl scalloped picket fence
  • Vinyl field fence
  • Vinyl fence with lattice top

Vinyl fence buying guide

Buying a white vinyl fence should not be an impulse decision. Sure, they are irresistibly beautiful but you still need to weigh your options carefully. This is especially because the styling could greatly influence the value of your property not to mention vinyl a white vinyl fence installation is not cheap. Most importantly, think about what the vinyl fence is for….answer the following questions before you buy.

  • What is the function of the vinyl fence?
  • What vinyl fencing style options will fit my neighborhood, front yard or patio area?
  • What style compliments my home architecture?

Vinyl fencing terminology and fence materials

Main post/terminal posts

Main posts are the corner of posts and forces that support the gate or any other terminal point. Terminal posts are thicker and require to be driven deeper into the ground for support.

Line posts and the rails

Line posts are the individual support elements that anchor the fence firmly on the ground and provide attachment points for fence panels.


The bay is fill or fence panels that occupy the gap between two posts. The arrangement of rails and infill in the bay depends on the type of fence. Privacy fences have a solid infill while picket fences may have only rails.

Fence Gate

This is the doorway that allows you to access the fenced area. You need a gate if your fence is a containment fence. Kits can be mounted to swing in word or outward and they are different heights and styles to choose from.

Vinyl fence costs

Our ranch-style white vinyl fence will cost you $20 to $30 per foot while picket fences cost anything between $15 to $35 per foot. A solid privacy fence will cost between $20 to $35 dollars per foot. We offer you warranties for installation and for the fence itself which means that you can worry less about any damage to your new fence. The total cost of your new vinyl fence will depend upon the style of choice and method of installation.

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A PVC fence might cost more than say a split rail fence or other fence material but the investment eventually pays off because these fences are typically maintenance-free and last much longer than other types with minimal care. Vinyl fences are stylish and improve the aesthetic value of any property

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